Record your favorite races, your family, your friends,
your team or your idol, with a pro interface.

Record, stream and share with more

You already have the tools for capture the video of any swimming race. Now you need to improve your video with realtime clock, splits and a good-looking presentation screen with all names that are swimming!

Realtime information

It is a meet, and the organization want to share the data for you to follow the races. You will get more than a simple start list sheet or a result from an app: you will be served with realtime information like splits, finish time, reaction time, who is swimming the relay leg and the infamous stopwatch clock running on the corner.
Wow, you definitely will become a self-broadcast network!

Share your way

YOUSWIM will add information to your video, it doesn't matter where or how you are streaming or recording: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo... You already chose your personal social network to broadcast, we just want to improve your video and make it even more attractive and informative!

Under development

General Schema How Youswim Works

The YOUSWIM beta version app will be released soon.
Be one of ours testers for free and enjoy this revolucionary app for your favorite sport.